Non-Video Music Recording Projects

The following playlists contain various recording that I have taken part in. From Orchestra to rock and even some parody. They were each memorable and unique experiences.

Newport the Musical / Writer, Lyricist

Newport the musical is based on a scandal that rocked Newport, RI in 1919. I’ve developed a fictionalized concept with original music and lyrics. After long delays due to COVID, previews began in NYC in 2021, only to stall again. In 2022 we are once again prepping for another round of  previews in Manhattan starting at the end of the summer. As the work comes in, this section and a dedicated page will be updated with the latest performances.

University of Connecticut Orchestra / Upright Bass

I had the privilege of being a member of the University of Connecticut orchestra. We recorded the premiere performances of these three pieces by Sydney Hodkinson.



Ryan Tracy Band / Electric Bass

I played electric bass, and contributed to song writing on Rain Won’t Stop. It was recorded and produced by Danny Seraphine, founding member of the band Chicago.


Ryan Tracy Band : Rain Won't Stop


John Cage Music for Solo Electric Steinberger Bass

I had the pleasure of studying under bassist Robert Black. This piece was written by John Cage for him, and Robert offered it me to perform it as part of my senior recital.

It is called a chance composition because a performer is intended to perform chance operations that will then direct what to do next. Notes, volume, dynamics. lengths of phrases and more are all decided randomly. I chose to write a randomizer computer program that would select each of these elements over the course of the pieces minutes. In some cases there is complete silence. At others complete cacophony. It’s fun since every performance is unique.


cComposed Improvisation (for Steinberger Bass Guitar)


Indaba Remixes/Composer and Performer

I edited and Reworked these songs as part of the Indaba song challenges and contests.

I found a Way by Alkaline Trio, came in 3rd.


Indaba Remixes


Good Woman of Szechuan/Music & Additional Music

The Good Woman of Szechuan is a parable play written in 1938 by Bertolt Brecht. He collaborated with Margarete Steffin and Ruth Berlau. I wrote the music and additional lyrics for production at Fairfield University in Connecticut, my first year out of college.

I later learned that Jim Steinman, primarily of Meatloaf fame, and a string of other hits from Barry Manilow to Celine Dione, wrote his own version in 1971! So I feel I am in good company. Unfortunately, finding recordings of either version is challenging. While I am sure his recording is more in demand, I hope to share some old demos and rehearsals I recently found on cassette tape as soon as I digitize them.