I contribute to various publications as well as personal passion projects.  An extensive list of my contributions can be found on my Contently Page. I have written in the areas of Health, Self-Awareness, Family, Travel u0026amp; Adventure, and Business.

My business contributions have been in support of print and online media. I have written and ghost-written articles on how to run small to medium-sized businesses and team. I have also written on, Software Usability, Team Building, Operations, Project Management, Systems Analysis and more.

My work has appeared in print, online articles, training materials, and video scripts. As a Founder, CTO and VP of Operations, I have direct experience in supporting, Marketing, Sales, Training u0026amp; Operations Teams.

I am currently a featured column writer for The Good Men Project. I have been featured in cover Stories for RoadRunner Magazine and have contributed to Thunder Roads, ADV Moto and more.

Highlighted Works:

Health: Is ADHD Real? Confessions of a Restless Mind

A piece near and dear to my heart. Dedicated to my daughter and the learning we went through as a family to understand her struggle.

Self Awareness: Focusing on Yourself in Order to be Present for Others

Learning to let go of the guilt of taking care of yourself. Finding the benefits of a clear mind and health body in order to be present for others.

Family: A Beginning That Never Stops Beginning.

Reflection on growing up with anger. Learning to forgive and love.

Travel and Adventure: The Trans-America Trail Parts 1 of 2 | Part 2 of 2

A two month motorcycle adventure. Traveling across America’s dirt roads from Tennessee to Oregon.

Links to Various Work

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On the web, my writing can found under, Joe Trey, Joseph Trey, as well as my pen name, Adventure Hermit.