Left my latest Consulting Engagement to focus on DiscoveringYourCompass

Going through all of the learning I have acquired over the years, but never fully immersed myself in so I could implement what I have learned

Editing Photos from Lion King Jr. Summer Production

Planning the second half of my MS Takes on MS Route 66 Adventure in support of Multiple Sclerosis

Applied to Teach at General Assembly – in hurry up and wait mode

Hired a Personal Trainer

Upping my hiking Adventures!

Getting Organized

Continue to brush up on my non-existent Handy Man Skills – but progress is being made. There is something satisfying about fixing something without having to reach out for help. With Patience and YouTube, nearly anything is possible.

      Replaced Brakes on Car

      Fixed Refrigerator Doors

      Repaired Roof Dryer Vent

Reconnecting with my love of cooking

Trying to figure out how to get my NOW! List Focused and Down to 3 Things!