Projects OLD

I believe there are unlimited possibilities for the infinitely curious, of which I count myself a card carry member. This often leads me to work with other creative individuals on exciting projects. Occasionally, I branch out on my own. Below are some of the projects that I have worked on over the years.


A community of courageous women and enlightened men looking to discover their own path towards fulfillment. Through guided self-discovery tribe, members learn how to turn Dreams into Memories!


Dream Cardzzz, started when I was trying to help my youngest daughter, Nya, fall asleep. She had a habit of getting out of bed several times during bedtime. In an effort to help her sleep, and selfishly to get some time alone with my wife,  began to a “Give Her Dreams.” Soon adults heard about it and wanted dreams for their own kids as well as themselves. Hence, Dream Cardzz were born. Learn More at


Permission Slips,  in a way, were the precursor to Dream Cardzzz. I was looking to give myself permission to create and grow. I realized I might not be the only one. I decided to create a few fun permission slips to let myself and others get a bit silly. I also created a self-signing blank form, so anyone could give themselves permission to anything! Learn more at in the Permissions Slips area.


This is where I write about my Adventures. Most travels take place on 2-wheels, but occasionally, there are boats, planes, cars and more!

Adventure Hermit Tours offers itineraries for individuals, groups, and families, looking to explores the Mid-West. Focusing on National Park’s adventures and more. Fully guided weekend photo discovery tours are always being added. Sign-up for updates if you are interested. We’d love to have you join us.

For the Motorcyclists our there,  I offer street and dual sport motorcycle tours. AH-Tours offers personalized itineraries for the DIY adventurer. Additionally, you can sign-up for fully guided private tours.


I am very excited about The Umbrella. It is project that will ultimately live on Medium. Stayed Tuned for more info.